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Preserving the parent-child relationship in separated families!


This organization was created to provide support and educational services to single, divorcing, and divorced parents regarding child custody issues, child support issues, child visitation issues, and other domestic related issues.

Research shows that children with equal access to both parents have elevated academics, higher self-esteem, less emotional distress, healthier social skills, are less likely to be physically or emotionally abused, and have better overall outcomes in life. 

IowaFathers is here to provide educational and support services to help ensure that both parents maintain a healthy, meaningful relationship with their children. The inability to afford legal representation should never deprive parents from having access to the Courts.

Please understand, every facilitator donates their own time without any compensation and while we do our best to respond in a timely manner to emails and questions, our social media page may receive the fastest response time from other members. 

Have a question about the law or looking for case law? Please email a law librarian for the State of Iowa Library at law@lib.state.ia.us 


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