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2011 Iowa Custody Study

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 Preserving the parent-child relationship in separated families!


Emotional Stages of Divorce


Denial: "This is not happening to me.  It's all a misunderstanding.  It's just a midlife crisis.  We can work it out."


Anger and resentment: "How can he/she do this to me?  What did I ever do to deserve this?  This is not fair!" 


Bargaining: "If you'll stay, I'll change" or "If I agree to do it [money, childrearing, sex, whatever] your way, can we get back together?" 


Depression: "This is really happening, I can't do anything about it, and I don't think I can bear it." 


Acceptance: "Okay, this is how it is, and I'd rather accept it and move on than wallow in the past."