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2011 Iowa Custody Study

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Child Support and Collection Data


Child Support Collection Data

The Child Support Guidelines in Iowa:

In the late 1980s, Congress passed a law requiring all states to have standard guidelines to set child support obligations. Federal law requires states to review their guidelines every four years

In Iowa, the child support guidelines are not established by the state legislature. Instead, the Iowa Supreme Court is charged with reviewing the child support guidelines every four years and for making any changes it feels necessary.

However, the state legislature did create the Iowa Child Support Advisory Committee under Iowa Code 252B.18 to work with the Iowa Department of Human Services and to receive input from the public regarding child support. This committee reports to the Iowa Supreme Court and must be made up of the following:

  • at least one district court judge
  • representatives of custodial parent groups
  • representatives of non-custodial parent groups
  • the general assembly
  • the Office of Citizens' Aide
  • the Iowa State Bar Association
  • the Iowa County Attorneys Association
  • other constituencies which have an interest in child support enforcement issues.

IowaFathers has one primary representative, Gregory Hughes, and one alternate representative, Matthew Weichers, serving on this committee.

Child Support Collection Facts:


76% of child support payments were court ordered (Source: U.S. Census Bureau, released February 2005).


Male providers were more likely to make the child support payment (80%) than female providers (55%) (Source: U.S. Census Bureau, released February 2005).